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Sadly, there was not a single mention of a sloth.

I've just begun exploring my library's collection, and I think it may leave something to be desired, but I did check out 8 books and I made myself promise to read library books and return them quickly so I can be a "reader" again instead of just a "hoarder."

One of the books I got came through the check-in room while I was working, and I put it aside for myself after I got done checking the rest of the books in.

It's called Fatal Flaws: What Evolutionists Don't Want You To Know by Hank Hanegraaff.

Evolution is one of those things that is part of a debate in this country, and one of those things that I grew up hearing the evils of, and one of those things that I'd like to know more about just because, and this book is a really short (80-page) refresher course for fundamentalists, complete with easily-remembered acronym to help them in the fight against the pro-evolution forces.

The author says proponents of evolution have been Nazis and racists, and that if you're thinking about saying anything about the Crusades, well they don't count because the Crusaders were going against the Bible. (Unlike the Nazis, who are totally supported by modern evolutionary scientists, I guess?)

The acronym F-A-C-E is used to give the evidence against evolution some structure. (Because the face of monkey-men is so prevalent in representing the evil that is evolution, or something.)

F - Fossil Follies: There is no fossil record of any transitional species.

A - Ape-men Fiction, Fraud, and Fantasy: There have been lies and conspiracies supporting the existence of Ape-men, and even though they have been uncovered they are still supported by the scientific establishment.

C - Chance: It is statistically impossible for life to have sprung up on its own. (Note: This is actually an argument that was given to me in High School for fighting the heresy of my future college professors.)

E - Empirical Science: Basic tenets of science like entropy and the laws of thermodynamics support the creation theory, because things get less complex, not more, and energy cannot be created out of nothing. (But if you think this applies to God, you are wrong, because God is eternal whereas the universe is not.)

These things are probably easily shot down by someone not coming from a place where they have to believe evolution is false or their entire worldview comes crashing down, but I don't really know HOW to shoot them down (not that I care so much that I'm going to go chasing after creationists and trying to shake their faith or anything), just so I know.

I've reserved a couple of recent-ish books on evolution from the library, and I hope to receive and read them soon. I may report back.
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