Tabitha Ray (raylette) wrote in crackthespine,
Tabitha Ray

The Red Pony

Reading this short novel was a review for me; I think I read it in Elementary school when I was picking up anything with horses on the cover. I find it interesting though that this book is usually read in middle school. To me, some of the imagery is disturbing and I'm suprised that parents are o.k. with it. Then again, we read Julie of the Wolves in fourth grade and there is a rape/attempted rape scene in it.

What confuses me is why Steinback dedicated the title of the book to the pony that dies close to the beginning. The story feels like its more about Jody than anyone else.

Did anybody else feel like the last chapter was a little disconnected from the rest of the book?

Also, does the colt survive or not? Its never explicitly stated, but he's not mentioned in the last chapter at all.

I'm going to read the story again, because there were lots of things I wanted to talk about while I was reading it, but I can't quite put my finger on what they are now.
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